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Put the Resolutions on Hold and Go Experience a Taste of Cinn(aholic)

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By Aja Haynes

Last Friday, the cinnamon roll bakery franchise, Cinnaholic, opened its doors to Corona residents. Located at the Crossings shopping center nestled between Buffalo Wild Wings and Edwards Stadium.

The popular eatery, which was previously featured on Shark Tank, now has 26 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

After reading about the Cinnaholic grand opening online, I was skeptical, but intrigued nonetheless. The promise of a gourmet cinnamon roll for $1 was too good to pass up.

When I arrived on scene 10 minutes before they were set to open, the crowd stretched far, blocking the entrance to the movie theater and several nearby restaurants.

“I feel like I’m at Disneyland!” The woman behind me exclaimed.

One woman expressed that she had never heard of Cinnaholic until her daughter sent her an advertisement about the opening on Facebook.

A woman near the front of the line revealed she had been waiting since 9 in the morning. By 10:30, she still hadn’t made it inside the doors.

Some people made trips back and forth to the nearby Starbucks only to return to their place in line and resume waiting.

Once the doors opened, the line began to move at a leisurely pace. As menus were passed around in an attempt to expedite the process, it became clear why the wait was so long.

Cinnaholic offers custom cinnamon rolls with 18 different frosting flavors (i.e., amaretto, chai, or marshmallow) and 20 topping selections to choose from (i.e., Oreo cookies, bananas, or strawberry jam).

Ever have a craving for a cinnamon roll with strawberry frosting and graham crackers on top? Or how about one with cake batter frosting and brownie bites? It’s yours! Along with hundreds of other flavor combinations to choose from.

For those having trouble deciding, there are specials available such as: Raspberry Dream, Cookie Monster, Blueberry Pie, The Corona Way, So-Cal, Strawberries and Cream, and Irish Coffee and Cream.

For bold individuals undaunted by silly things like salmonella, grab yourself a scoop of raw cookie dough and add to it any topping of your choice.

And then there is the Cinnacake, a tray of 12 cinnamon rolls with your choice of frosting and toppings.

There are also cookies and brownies available for purchase, as well as mini cinnamon rolls, offered classic style and without toppings.

At its core, Cinnaholic offers cinnamon rolls baked fresh daily, which sit beneath the soft lights of the warming oven awaiting your flavor selections.

Rolls start at $5.50 for the classic roll with vanilla frosting. You can change your frosting flavor for 25 cents extra and select your toppings for an extra 50 cents each.

In stark contrast to the customization and high cost, the food chain provides self-serve coffee, just $2.00 a cup with only one size available.

I opted for the Cookie Monster (classic cinnamon roll topped with chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, and cookie dough) and The Corona Way (cinnamon roll with vanilla frosting and berry trio – blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries).

After much anticipation, nearly 2 hours wait, and $24 spent, I was ready to experience something life changing.

The first bite of the cinnamon roll itself was unfulfilling. But as I continued to eat and ate the frosting and toppings along with the roll, I got the full effect.

The Corona Way is a great take on a classic dessert by adding simple vanilla frosting and fruit topping. Simple. Delicious. To the point.

The Cookie Monster, however, was decadent to the point of being cloyingly sweet. If ever there were such a thing as something being “too good”, this was it.

The freshly brewed, piping hot coffee was the icing on the cinnamon roll. As alternatives to lactose, they offer almond and soy creamer options, as well as beet sugar. I drank it black to offset the sweetness of the rolls. Without cream or sugar, it was rich and flavorful and complimented the sweet treats perfectly.

Cinnaholic is truly a taste of heaven. Welcome to Corona. I can’t wait to go back for another bite.

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